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    02.03.09 | Permalink | 5 Comments

    I rarely have the ability to converse about smurfs, so I felt inclined to archive this twitter conversation (read bottom up): wolfy13km @minatanaka @vsanghvi yeah, my entire library of smurf knowledge comes from that one donnie darko scene 🙁 But I do own every TMNT episode about 3 hours ago from web in reply to […]

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    Obama follows me on Twitter

    01.23.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    Proof you say? Proof can be found in my gmail: I was on a high until I realized Obama was whoring himself out to another 170,000 followers. Seriously?

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    Twittering Terrorists

    10.27.08 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    That was a headline of some article i didn’t pay much attention to in my iGoogle. Anyways, it provides the perfect transition to a discussion of Twitter and my failed (lack of) attempt(s) at using this blog to capture personal, daily events. side bar: Could I have just labeled the post Twitter? Yes. But what […]