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    State of the Blog… Address

    10.19.09 | Permalink | Comment?

    Yeah, I don’t blog much anymore, and I think I might be able to describe why: you. Most people come to my blog for the following reasons: While the intellectual discussion about goat and sheep sounds is stimulating and the most pathetic animal debate enthralling, I’d like to think I have more to offer. Apparently […]

  • Fun with Graphs, Updates

    Conforming to One’s Audience

    04.04.09 | Permalink | 5 Comments

    After checking this blog’s stats a while back, I noticed a remarkable trend: I was receiving more traffic from search engines. My first reaction: wow, I’m pretty awesome. Further investigation of the search terms bringing people to my site revealed the traffic increase was due to, well… goats… More specifically, the sounds they make. Apparently, […]

  • The more you know...

    What sounds do goats make?

    02.21.09 | Permalink | 8 Comments

    A friend, that won’t be named, was frustrated with the question of what sound a goat made. Being the amazing and knowledgeable person that I am, I figured who better to provide some answers to this mystery? So I set out provide Nilofer- oops, I mean my friend- some insight with only google at my […]