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  • Rants, Seattling

    I Hate Seattle

    01.05.09 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    Seattle, I hate you. You refuse to use salt? You are to clearing snow what Britney Spears is to parenting. But, although she may neglect and occasionally drop her children, the kids have a Kevin Federline to publicly appear to care for them. That’s right Seattle, things have gotten so bad you need a grossly […]

  • Rants, Seattling

    Snow Snow Snow

    12.24.08 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    So far, I’ve been letting Seattle off lightly for its inability to deal with snow. Sadly, The Seattle Times digs out the truth, if you will- and you must to continue reading. To paraphase, the ice and snow packed streets of Seattle exist by design. The city wants to use rubber plows on its trucks […]

  • Amazon, Rants, Seattling

    Lazy Sunday

    12.21.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    While I have no intention of matching the popular and celebrated digital short, the title did feel appropraite due to this in fact being a lazy Sunday, along with the fact that I watched the latest Narnia movie last night. Things that have since come to my attention: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe […]

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    Snow Day 2

    12.19.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    I’m a big fan of days when you’re asked to work from home, although these ‘severe weather conditions’ don’t necessarily afford me the ability to go out and play. I was paged this morning, so I’m up extra early, and, while I’m waiting for a deployment to finish, I thought I’d do some blog work. […]

  • Amazon, Seattling

    Snow Day

    12.18.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    So, although yesterday was supposed to be the big storm day, and turned out relatively mild (all Seattle schools were closed as well :-/), I woke up to 3-5 inches of snow today. Now, while I know this isn’t much, its basically slowed all movement on Seattle’s streets and left most stranded at home. Not […]

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