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    My Peruvian Adventure

    09.08.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    I promised this to multiple people earlier last week, but the number of pictures to go through (just mine) was incredible and my only real desire last week was to catch up on sleep. I didn’t really choose the best pictures as much as the pictures I thought gave a good idea of how things […]

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    Snow Day 2

    12.19.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    I’m a big fan of days when you’re asked to work from home, although these ‘severe weather conditions’ don’t necessarily afford me the ability to go out and play. I was paged this morning, so I’m up extra early, and, while I’m waiting for a deployment to finish, I thought I’d do some blog work. […]

  • Amazon, Seattling


    11.08.08 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    Being as far too many days have past, and my memory/excitement only last for so long, I’ll keep this short. So Wednesday was Amazon’s Seattle All Hands Meeting, where just about everyone working in Seattle come together to get an update on the company (Q3 results, what we’re working on, etc). I probably can’t say […]

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    Twittering Terrorists

    10.27.08 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    That was a headline of some article i didn’t pay much attention to in my iGoogle. Anyways, it provides the perfect transition to a discussion of Twitter and my failed (lack of) attempt(s) at using this blog to capture personal, daily events. side bar: Could I have just labeled the post Twitter? Yes. But what […]

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    Hello world

    09.01.08 | Permalink | 13 Comments

    Apparently, 8 random people (excluding robots) come to this site (or virajs.com) everyday. I decided I’d give my guests something new, and existent, due to their probable disappointment in clicking the wrong link. In actuality, this refresh was in the works for a year or so. In further actuality, its root cause is that I […]