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  • Fun with Graphs

    How Sleep has Affected My Life

    06.16.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    Mainly because I have nothing to write about, yet feel overly compelled to at least pretend to be adding content to this “blog,” I’ve decided to give you people a deeper understanding of my life- and hopefully a greater appreciation for my struggles (I jest). In my lame attempts at self surveillance, I came across […]

  • Fun with Graphs, Updates

    Conforming to One’s Audience

    04.04.09 | Permalink | 5 Comments

    After checking this blog’s stats a while back, I noticed a remarkable trend: I was receiving more traffic from search engines. My first reaction: wow, I’m pretty awesome. Further investigation of the search terms bringing people to my site revealed the traffic increase was due to, well… goats… More specifically, the sounds they make. Apparently, […]

  • Fun with Graphs

    Pants Determine Quality of Life

    02.23.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    I had a revelation earlier today: Quality of Life (QoL) is a function of the average Time Wearing Pants per day (TWP). To see where you stand, please turn your attention to the graph: The results did surprise me a little, but I attributed the spike at 2 hours to those big shots that only […]

  • Fun with Graphs

    Public transit and talking to yourself

    12.29.08 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    So, over the last few weeks, I’ve accumulated data in this highly unscientific study to yield the following findings: Likeliness to talk to oneself (T2S) based on one’s mode of transportation: So from our findings, we can safely say that metro yields the most number of T2S inflicted individuals out there. What’s weird, at least […]

  • Fun with Graphs

    Haiku Madness

    10.19.08 | Permalink | 4 Comments

    These are my experiences while haiku writing: I personally think the best haiku’s are written at the need to be hugged minimum.

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