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    Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies

    10.19.09 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    I’m going to let the picture do the talking, but after some labor (marbling is hard!), I give you marbled chocolate chip cookies: I need to adjust the recipe some to adjust for the additional (and uncompensated) cocoa, but basically take the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, split the result in half, add a couple […]

  • Random

    Finally! The PERFECT baked Macaroni & Cheese!

    04.21.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    Yes! I’ve done it. After trying numerous recipes and subsequently integrating my favorites, I’ve created the perfect baked Mac’n’Cheese that I don’t know how to replicate. Regardless, here are pictures you can drool on: It might not look special, and you can’t smell it, but it made my month. Excuse me while I try to […]

  • Random, The more you know...

    Why am I so awesome? Homemade Oreos!!

    03.22.09 | Permalink | 7 Comments

    The last two weeks the boorish marketing folks at Safeway have refused to put my beloved Oreos on sale. (I’ve had to settle for buying Chips Ahoy… Chips Ahoy!!) While my unabashed devotion to said cookies is eternal, I draw a line at $4 a pack. So how do I subsist sans Oreos? It’s a […]