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Dealing with Post Vacation Depression

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After coming back from my recent Peruvian adventure, I found myself in an unfamiliar post vacation state. Usually, vacations (mostly the tropical island sort) rejuvenate me and buy me an additional month or more of effort at work. After this trip, however, I felt far more deflated, and more ready to get on with the […]

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Gallery Wrap Old T-Shirts!

07.19.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

I’m a big fan of those stupid t-shirts sold by the likes of bustedtees, shirt.woot, and threadless, although I generally couldn’t pull off wearing most of them for the following reasons: Feel like I’d offend people Horrific color choices Novelty would wear off after first use Ugly T-Shirt Shirt’s never available in my size I […]

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Fun with Graphs

How Sleep has Affected My Life

06.16.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

Mainly because I have nothing to write about, yet feel overly compelled to at least pretend to be adding content to this “blog,” I’ve decided to give you people a deeper understanding of my life- and hopefully a greater appreciation for my struggles (I jest). In my lame attempts at self surveillance, I came across […]

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Amazon, Development

Building Feedback Devices for your Software Development Process

05.23.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

If you’ve heard of Ambient Orbs or tying Lava Lamps to your automated builds and think they’re awesome, then skip the next paragraph. Personally, these devices are important as they do provide a fun way to communicate the state of a project or problem. While something more conventional- say a status posted to a web […]

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I’m Awesome, and You can too!

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As my blog has resorted into a crappy food & weird animal related blog, I couldn’t resist posting the results of my creation of the aptly named Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also, I needed something for my apparent fortnight posting schedule. Actually these were pretty surprising. I was expecting good cookies, but these offered something […]

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