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    My Peruvian Adventure

    09.08.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    I promised this to multiple people earlier last week, but the number of pictures to go through (just mine) was incredible and my only real desire last week was to catch up on sleep. I didn’t really choose the best pictures as much as the pictures I thought gave a good idea of how things […]

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    Dealing with Post Vacation Depression

    09.01.09 | Permalink | Comment?

    After coming back from my recent Peruvian adventure, I found myself in an unfamiliar post vacation state. Usually, vacations (mostly the tropical island sort) rejuvenate me and buy me an additional month or more of effort at work. After this trip, however, I felt far more deflated, and more ready to get on with the […]

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    12.08.08 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    While I don’t plan to recount my amazing vacation that took place just over a week ago, I thought I should mention it (mainly because I still wish I was there). Pictures to gawk at:

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    Busy Couple of Days Recap

    11.06.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    So, I’m really really really really tired, but some cool stuff has happened the last few days, so hopefully I can write more meaningful posts at a later date, like tomorrow… Presidential election Obama winning CNN being dumb Political Improv Other election crazyiness Jeff Bezos Tom Cruise Valkyrie Double header Bolt Madagascar 2 Minneapolis???

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    Vancouver, BC

    09.08.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    So I went to Vancouver with my folks who were in town for the weekend. Such an amazing city. I actually enjoyed the downtown are more than Seattle. Not sure why, just seemed really peaceful and yet still lively. I’m a fan. I also ate in a rotating restaurant ala the Hancock’s Signiture Room, but […]