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Things I hate

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    Snow & Video Game Cartridges

    12.14.08 | Permalink | Comment?

    Why, why, why must it snow? A whole inch, although half of it is gone. And its cold. Like low 30’s cold. Here’s the part where I plea for some mercy from Zeus, but I can’t come up with anything clever, because well, if I were to be in Chicago, things would be much worse. […]

  • Things I hate

    Wet Socks

    11.03.08 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    Just casually walking around in your aparment. Suddenly, you stop dead in your tracks. Your foot seems to be clinging slightly to the floor. An odd sensation, you keep it there for an extra second, before you start to feel the coldness and dampness which means… you’ve stepped on an indoor hidden floor puddle (IHFP […]