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The more you know…

  • The more you know...

    Cartoon Characters in Government

    12.15.09 | Permalink | 8 Comments

    Give me some credit, I know what sells on my blog… After a recent discussion (read: potentially friendship ending argument) about which cartoon characters would dutifully serve as our Commander and Chief, a few things were learned: Cartoon superheroes are out of the equation. They aren’t real, yo. You don’t insult a man’s favorite childhood […]

  • The more you know...

    Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies

    10.19.09 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    I’m going to let the picture do the talking, but after some labor (marbling is hard!), I give you marbled chocolate chip cookies: I need to adjust the recipe some to adjust for the additional (and uncompensated) cocoa, but basically take the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, split the result in half, add a couple […]

  • Random, The more you know...

    Gallery Wrap Old T-Shirts!

    07.19.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    I’m a big fan of those stupid t-shirts sold by the likes of bustedtees, shirt.woot, and threadless, although I generally couldn’t pull off wearing most of them for the following reasons: Feel like I’d offend people Horrific color choices Novelty would wear off after first use Ugly T-Shirt Shirt’s never available in my size I […]

  • Random, The more you know...

    The 5 Most Pathetic Animals

    05.06.09 | Permalink | 6 Comments

    Someone recently brought an animal to my attention that they felt the most sorry for: seals. While their reasoning at the time was understandable and hardly arguable, I’ve realized there are a few even more pathetic animals out there. Considering the current state of my life hasn’t provided more meaningful topics to discuss, I thought […]

  • Random, The more you know...

    Why am I so awesome? Homemade Oreos!!

    03.22.09 | Permalink | 7 Comments

    The last two weeks the boorish marketing folks at Safeway have refused to put my beloved Oreos on sale. (I’ve had to settle for buying Chips Ahoy… Chips Ahoy!!) While my unabashed devotion to said cookies is eternal, I draw a line at $4 a pack. So how do I subsist sans Oreos? It’s a […]

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