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Marbled Chocolate Chip Cookies

10.19.09 | 2 Comments

I’m going to let the picture do the talking, but after some labor (marbling is hard!), I give you marbled chocolate chip cookies:


I need to adjust the recipe some to adjust for the additional (and uncompensated) cocoa, but basically take the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, split the result in half, add a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder to one, put strips of both dough together, and bake (I found for an additional minute, although I’m going to try to under-bake a bit).

To put the strips together, I found the easiest method was to create big flat slabs of both dough on a cutting board, make slivers with a knife, create a 3×3 stack of dark and light chocolate on some saran wrap, roll and twist a bit, unwrap, cut off half inch strips, and place on some parchment paper on a cookie sheet. After some practice, this process only takes about 3 minutes.

While super tasty (with still undiscovered potential!) they don’t have a high MDS, so don’t expect to0 much- they’re more of the cookies you can warm up and enjoy with milk. And if you don’t know what MDS is, well, you don’t know cookies.

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