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    Building Feedback Devices for your Software Development Process

    05.23.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    If you’ve heard of Ambient Orbs or tying Lava Lamps to your automated builds and think they’re awesome, then skip the next paragraph. Personally, these devices are important as they do provide a fun way to communicate the state of a project or problem. While something more conventional- say a status posted to a web […]

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    I’m Awesome, and You can too!

    05.17.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    As my blog has resorted into a crappy food & weird animal related blog, I couldn’t resist posting the results of my creation of the aptly named Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Also, I needed something for my apparent fortnight posting schedule. Actually these were pretty surprising. I was expecting good cookies, but these offered something […]

  • Random, The more you know...

    The 5 Most Pathetic Animals

    05.06.09 | Permalink | 6 Comments

    Someone recently brought an animal to my attention that they felt the most sorry for: seals. While their reasoning at the time was understandable and hardly arguable, I’ve realized there are a few even more pathetic animals out there. Considering the current state of my life hasn’t provided more meaningful topics to discuss, I thought […]