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Finally! The PERFECT baked Macaroni & Cheese!

04.21.09 | 3 Comments

Yes! I’ve done it. After trying numerous recipes and subsequently integrating my favorites, I’ve created the perfect baked Mac’n’Cheese that I don’t know how to replicate. Regardless, here are pictures you can drool on:

It might not look special, and you can’t smell it, but it made my month. Excuse me while I try to find someone to pat me on the back.

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  • On 04.21.09 your sister wrote these pithy words:

    really? this fat indulging treat made your month? your lame.

  • On 04.21.09 Leo Romanovsky wrote these pithy words:

    wow how did vibha find your blog in the age of google. incredible.

  • On 04.21.09 Viraj wrote these pithy words:

    I think that you being a former teacher and incapable of understanding the difference between your and you’re is lame

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