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Setting up a Dynamic Repeater

03.12.09 | 3 Comments

If this applies to you:

  1. You don’t want to pay for internet
  2. The linksys gods live around you
  3. Unfortunately, signals aren’t strong or are intermittent
  4. Never sure which network is up and working properly
  5. Don’t mind bricking a router

You can set up a dynamic repeater. Essentially, have your router scan networks to see what’s up and running and has the best signal, and rebroadcast it as your own private network.


I did brick a really cheap crappy router trying this, but it was more for kicks. Make sure you have enough flash memory. Also, it might be worthwhile to check this.

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  • On 03.13.09 Leo Romanovsky wrote these pithy words:

    This is great! What router did you try it on?

  • On 03.13.09 Viraj wrote these pithy words:

    A friend had an old bricked netgear wireless g router. I unbricked it using some online hack, but ended up bricking it again trying to flash it with a larger than memory dd-wrt distro. For whatever reason the hack to unbrick no longer works, but it might have been too messed up in the first place…

  • On 03.14.09 Jean wrote these pithy words:

    You really live in the proximity of that many unprotected networks? 95-100% of the visible wireless networks in each of the 4 apartments I’ve lived in have been protected. Too many Microsoft dorks, not enough linksys/NETGEAR dummies in this area 🙁

    I guess that means Capitol Hill +1

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