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Stephon Marbury

02.11.09 | Comment?

New York Knickerbocker Stephon Marbury came to my work as part of the Fishbowl series at Amazon to talk about Starbury, Marbury’s company, using Amazon Webstore.

This is my first attempt at live blogging, and it really didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would, but the hour was entertaining…

2:00 pm
I’m going to try giving this live blogging thing a try.  So far, a surprisingly large turnout as we wait for Starbury to enter. Just some weird powerpoint with some “highlights” of Stephon…

The logo is real. Why, why Stephon?
I was referring to his head tat.

He honestly seems interested in the direction of Starbury. I guess its not too surprising that he’s sincere about it…  New book entitled Can I play? coming out soon…
I thought it fortunate that the one topic he was really articulate about was the Starbury Brand. Although this might be through training or a business requirement, at least he’s serious about it.

Explaining the Knicks. Refers to Duhon as the “other” point guard… Thinks his surgeries are the reason he’s out… Lots of laughs…
I was really surprised he was pretty open about the whole situation with the Knicks, but I guess he probably gets the question all the time…

Thinks he can play 6-7 more years because of his training… Wants to play in Italy… like college ball.
The obvious thing to mention here is that most NBA teams don’t want him around because all he’s proven is that he becomes a distraction. Sad, because he is incredibly talented, but the way he talks, he seems to have convinced himself its the Knicks trying to bring him down.

Haha… NBA owners, using the league to funnel money to buy planes, buildings, etc… Flip Saunders his best coach… Interesting considering he forced his departure. “Larry Brown, he’s crazy.” Did say Brown was a great coach and did grow after playing for him.
Some of this conversation was interesting, especially when he lights up when talking about finally realizing how the owners made money. One thing that was interesting was his discussion about D’Antoni, which sounded nothing like what’s been put out in the media.

I didn’t win a ball. Was interesting to see what someone who you read about in papers is actually like though… Other stuff was mentioned, but we were explicitly told not to publicize it.

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