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02.03.09 | 5 Comments

I rarely have the ability to converse about smurfs, so I felt inclined to archive this twitter conversation (read bottom up):

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    […] Smurftastic | Ellipses […]

  • On 12.11.15 Jhia wrote these pithy words:

    The Donatello design redinms me of Liefield’s old habit of strapping pouches and weapons everywhere; better-executed than Liefield ever did it, maybe, but still rather absurd. It’s sometimes good to know when to stop.And to disagree with 13strong: Yes, how does the huge muscular mutant turtle fight modern day ninjas under the tutelage of a giant rat beneath the streets of New York while weighed down with so much stuff?! This actually doesn’t work, since a wacky fictional premise still has to be self-consistent. If an audience is invited into a fictional universe where mutant ninja turtles exist, that’s one thing; it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll further accept that the mutant ninja turtles can bend the laws of physics or gravity. What they’re really signing up for under all the trappings is a story about, well, ninjas*.I like Leonardo better, but can’t understand why he’s carrying four swords. (Five? Is that another one poking out by his right hip?) I mean, I get that maybe it’s for the sake of having backups, but having that many sword sheaths strapped to his body would seem awfully awkward if he’s going to be doing some of those smooth, kick-ass sword styles Japanese swordsmanship is famous for. If he’s going Samurai-style it would make more sense for him to be carrying a large battle sword by hand and have the two shorter defensive swords strapped across his back. (* Yes, I know there are ninja stories in which the ninjas can walk through walls and bend time and shit but notice how those stories often come off as pretty ridiculous?)

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