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  • Fun with Graphs

    Pants Determine Quality of Life

    02.23.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    I had a revelation earlier today: Quality of Life (QoL) is a function of the average Time Wearing Pants per day (TWP). To see where you stand, please turn your attention to the graph: The results did surprise me a little, but I attributed the spike at 2 hours to those big shots that only […]

  • The more you know...

    What sounds do goats make?

    02.21.09 | Permalink | 8 Comments

    A friend, that won’t be named, was frustrated with the question of what sound a goat made. Being the amazing and knowledgeable person that I am, I figured who better to provide some answers to this mystery? So I set out provide Nilofer- oops, I mean my friend- some insight with only google at my […]

  • Amazon, Seattling

    Stephon Marbury

    02.11.09 | Permalink | Comment?

    New York Knickerbocker Stephon Marbury came to my work as part of the Fishbowl series at Amazon to talk about Starbury, Marbury’s company, using Amazon Webstore. This is my first attempt at live blogging, and it really didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would, but the hour was entertaining… 2:00 pm I’m […]

  • Seattling

    This isn’t right

    02.07.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

  • Fun with Graphs

    Update: Bowling + Beer

    02.05.09 | Permalink | Comment?

    So, while I made the most of my discovery of alcohol consumption’s correlation with bowling performance and had a solid first game, my second game fell off considerably due to an excess pitcher that NEEDED to be finished. My findings: While all abilities are not lost, there is a sharp decline and bowling performance levels […]

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