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    01.30.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    1TB HD for $100? Oh yea, free shipping and no rebates… Ahhhhhh, I don’t need, but I want… I love you, newegg.

  • Seattling

    How to survive an earthquake

    01.30.09 | Permalink | Comment?

    How did I survive this latest earthquake? By sleeping.

  • The more you know...

    How your notebook fan affects its temperature: a tangible change

    01.28.09 | Permalink | Comment?

    So I received my fixed HP laptop back today. Surprisingly quick considering it took nearly a sixth of the time it took before. What they did: replaced the entire motherboard. I’m fairly happy with that fact seeing as these motherboards are defective. The major change I noticed, aside from the disappearance of the loud grinding […]

  • Mind Reenactments

    Do you walk in circles while thinking?

    01.28.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    Anyone who grew up watching DuckTales remembers Uncle Scrooge walking in circles, slowly digging a small circular trench. I don’t do that. What I do, however, is walk in circles, pace around, jump in place, and other similar actions, whenever I’m actively thinking. I’ve always recognized this, but never tried to understand it. My current […]

  • Mind Reenactments

    Obama follows me on Twitter

    01.23.09 | Permalink | 3 Comments

    Proof you say? Proof can be found in my gmail: I was on a high until I realized Obama was whoring himself out to another 170,000 followers. Seriously?

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