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Room Awesomeness

10.19.08 | 2 Comments

I finally put up the final piece of my room “art”. For those who don’t know (so almost everyone), after moving into my new place, I was pressed for something to decorate my room with. I needed to follow up my room in Champaign (which was pretty awesome, not gonna lie), with something even more spectacular. My roommate gave me an idea of a wall mural, and I remember seeing those awesome Kara Walker murals at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. While I didn’t want to come home to come home to the racial and sexual implications of those murals, I thought kids playing would be relaxing.

The stuff over my bed wasn’t really in my plans and is likely to change.

By the way, I don’t have my digital camera with me, so these were taken by my laptop (the process of which seemed more difficult than making these murals…). My room really looks less crappy than what appears in these photos…

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  • On 11.01.08 New addition to the wall of awesomeness - Synaptic Misfirings wrote these pithy words:

    […] it’s not pictures of little children, but I like the new poster on the left. I finally got a 3′ by 3′ plot of the project we […]

  • On 01.11.16 Snow wrote these pithy words:

    Ariltces like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

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