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Haiku Madness

10.19.08 | 4 Comments

These are my experiences while haiku writing:

I personally think the best haiku’s are written at the need to be hugged minimum.

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  • On 10.22.08 nilofer wrote these pithy words:

    i spent 5 minutes
    trying to come up with this
    and it didn’t work

    beginning again?
    this post is quite amazing!
    amazing indeed

  • On 12.11.15 Harish wrote these pithy words:

    I have to say that this app hasn’t worked well for me. I have an aniodrd razr, when I try to sync it doesn’t do well for me. For example, I can’t make my Kelley day repeat every third week (Monday is my day) because there is no option for that on my calendar. I wish I would have realized this BEFORE I purchased pro . I would rather have an app that you worked with direct rather than having to sync through another calendar. Oh well, it was a $2 learning experience.

  • On 04.02.16 http://sickerthanyouravg.com/ wrote these pithy words:

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  • On 04.06.16 http://www.reesewmiller.com/ wrote these pithy words:

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